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    Comments: "Couldn’t thank the staff enough they were just brilliant! And for Dr Murat Ustun well he made me feel completely relaxed and safe when going down to theatre even had a little sing to Bob Marley ‘No women no Cry’! I couldn’t be happier with the 5-star treatment I have received! Day 3 an I have been discharged a now in a 5* hotel! Would definitely recommend 100% Dr Ustun and his team!"
    I've had Sleeve gastrectomy operations in November 2021. My surgeon name was Dr Murat Üstün and his team Istanbul Bariatrics was absolutely amazing. Demet is the patient coordinator and she is absolutely great. I was talking to her for over a year. It took me such a long time to decide to have this operation. She was patiently answering any of my questions. I am so grateful for that. Special thanks to Demet. My operation day everything went so smoothly and I was out of hospital within 2.5 days .

    Melis was our patient coordinator. She was absolutely amazing. Melis welcomed us in front of the hospital and took us to our room. She answered any questions patiently. She was over the phone anytime you needed and reply your text immediately. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I would like to thank you guys all. I would highly recommend Istanbul Bariatrics to anyone who is desperate to lose weight.
    One week after my surgery, I am feeling well. The doctor and the whole team were amazing. I only have good words to say. This are the first days of the rest of my life, it gotta be good, because of you guys. Thank you so much.
    Mihaela Golban, UK
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to this wonderful team led by Dr. Murat Ustun. I was skeptical about doing this operation Gastric Sleeve in Turkey, I didn't know what was waiting for me there. But we have found a team of professional people. Always at your disposal to provide you with any information and need. Organize from all points of view. From my arrival in Istanbul to my departure. I highly recommend Istanbul Bariatic Center.
    Roxana Vlonga, Germany
    I had a gastric bypass due to weight and acid reflux issues. From the first email I sent I was taken care of in the most well mannered and prompt timing. Everyone went out of their way to accommodate me and help me with translations. The hospital was beautiful and I felt very well taken care of. The doctors were very helpful in explaining everything to me. The greeting staff went over and above their duties. I really had a wonderful experience that was a very good value for the price it cost. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone.
    Pamela Lynn, Kuwait
    I am grateful for everything you have provided and to recommend Istanbul Bariatric Center to everyone who have a problem with obesity.
    Special thanks to Dr.Murat Ustun which was my first link and who has my support for all my confusions about this kind of revision obesity surgery.
    From the first day, I believed that we will make it! When I came to Turkey with my escort, miss Ella and Mellisa were available for everything I need (in the hospital and all other organisations through my stay in Istanbul).

    Arrival to the great hospital and hotel and all other great things in Istanbul and all activities were in the hands of Istanbul Bariatric Center. The operation was performed by doctor Bora Koç and special thanks goes for him and his team who made that the man of 197 kg (very risky surgery) after four hours from the operation stand on his legs and walk! After two days I went home. One more time I wish to thank everyone who was included and I am grateful for being a part of this big family!
    Kenan Kestendzic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I recently had mini gastric bypass surgery as I have been struggling to lose weight. A friend of mine who had the surgery previously with Dr Murat had amazing results.

    It is definitely good value for money! It is a super clean environment and you have a whole room to yourself which makes you feel like you not at the hospital. Before the surgery, all the necessary tests were carried out to check if everything was okay and continue with the surgery. There was no language barrier which is important. I can’t wait to record photos of my results!

    Dr Murat's team made my journey super easy and comfortable I cannot recommend Istanbul Bariatric Center enough!

    The team were amazing from arriving in Istanbul and till the very end.
    I would like to say a special thank you to Ella and Melissa who organised everything and constantly checked up on me, answered any questions or issues I had and went through everything - they are super loving, professional and welcoming.
    Ornela, UK
    Absolute superb! Great staff and great clinic with an amazing doctor! Melisa it’s the best suport for pacients.
    Duta Sorinel-Catalin, Romania
    I flew from the UK to Istanbul Bariatric Centre to have a Gastric sleeve. I’m post-op day 2 and I’m feeling really good, I’m walking, eating soup and drinking water ok. This is the start of my journey and a nee healthy life. I would like to say a huge Thank you to everyone at Istanbul Bariatric Centre for all your help and support throughout. All the staff and my surgeon Dr Bora Koc have been incredible.
    Lisa Hewitt, Turkey
    On our 21. Wedding anniversary my husband and I went to Istanbul and then due to covid we had to travelled further to Antalya everything was organised by IBC the best service and care was given to us from airport pick up to hospital service IBC has team members who speak fluently English and German which again was outstanding for communication. I had SASI Bypass and my husband DHI Hair implant.

    Upon arriving in the Hospital firstly Covid test where done and then bloods taken, next day I saw 7 or more Doctors and several scan and x-Rays were done before surgery. Internist, Dietitian, Cardiologist, Anaesthetist, Psychologist, Radiologist, to name a few which I never thought that in Turkey they would to so thoroughly tests before the bypass. When every Dr. gave their green light the last big test was done under anaesthesia which was the gastroscopy, after this test the surgery was done on the same day. My Surgery took 2,5 h upon waking I was immediately helped by the German-speaking staff who made me comfy. All the hospital staff were very helpful and polite all the time.

    The PO aftercare was amazing I was given a lot of fluid via IV which helped my quick recovery. When I woke up I was looking for drainage and found that Dr Murat doesn’t use them as he is so professional!! Again what a relive!! Dr Murat came every day to check on both of us. And ensuring that everything was fine. Dr Murat is a very helpful and great surgeon he did so small incisions and so neatly stitched.

    I contacted many people when I started my research I was immediately impressed by Dr Murat as he offered me a Zoom meeting where I could see him and ask him everything I wanted to know, Dr Murat not only agreed with my choice of Surgery he was surprised that I knew about this method and said that it is a very successful but expensive bariatric surgery. Dr. Murat never tried to convince me of performing a different method of surgery which I liked. He also sends me an article to read about SASI. When we moved to a most beautiful hotel with an amazing beach view, made my recovery even better. Whenever he saw me or my Husband he would come up to us and ask how we are doing, if everything is fine. I was checked 4 times after surgery even the day before we flew back. I highly recommended IBC, if you ever consider having surgery done then this is where you go without a second thought, I know how unsure I was, but the whole experience was amazing!! And I love Antalya now!!

    Today we are 4 weeks Post OP struggling a bit, with my purred stage but slowly getting there. My husbands head is still sore, but he has a lot of hair now,)) The surgery was on the 24.04.2021

    Thanks a million, Dr Murat and everyone involved!!
    Nafize, Germany
    So I had a sleeve done with Dr Ustun on 18/07/2020.

    I did a lot of research to find the best surgeon and I am so thankful I found him. From start to finish My experience has been excellent.

    In 8 months I am down 8st3.5lb (52kg) I am so grateful to Dr Ustun and Istanbul Bariatric centre for giving me my life back. If anyone is still researching, look no further. You are in the best hands and will be looked after by everyone in the team x
    Sabrina Bampini, UK
    I did gastric sleeve 13/8/2020 Istanbul Bariatric Center Turkey and I’m very very happy I feel totally control of my weight thank you to Dr Murat he is very nice and kind I call him (No more food ) and his team was so supporting thank you all. The best decision in life with the best team thank you for making me feel myself again.

    Linda, UK
    I had mini gastric bypass in August this year with Istanbul Bariatric centre and it was the best decision I made in a long time. I was treated like a VIP from the first consultation with Demet and Dr Murat to being discharged after my surgery. I was treated in the world-renowned Memorial Sisli hospital which is a million miles away from the hospitals here in the UK. I was astounded with the expertise and precision of the whole team.

    During my first week in Istanbul, I stayed in a 5* hotel with my mum and brother who last minute accompanied me. Demet was not fazed by this change of plan and informed the hotel that my brother would stay with me. He was only charged a small fee as Istanbul Bariatric centre was covering mine and my mums cost. The hotel was one of the highlights of our stay in Istanbul! It had all the amenities you would ever need such a world-class spa and gym among many more.

    My family and I decided to stay in Istanbul for an extra week for sightseeing and so we decided to stay at another hotel. Demet was so kind as to still send us a taxi from the new hotel to the airport!

    I would like to thank Dr Murat for flying out from London to personally operate on me. I would like to also thank Demet and Mahsa as they are both superwomen. They both made me feel at ease and was always checking up on me even though they had multiple other patients.

    In two and a half months I have already lost a whopping 19kgs! I am so glad that I went for the mini gastric bypass instead of the traditional gastric bypass thanks to Dr Murat for explaining in-depth that this procedure has long and sustained weight loss than the sleeve or the Roux-en-Y procedure.

    If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Dr Murat and his team at Istanbul Bariatric Centre. Best decision I ever made!
    Warda Ahmed, UK
    Outstanding care! All tests carried out operation went very well scare hardly visible and healing nicely. Would recommend this clinic to anybody thinking of getting treatment with them. Thank you, Dr Murat and team for looking after me so well 5* treatment. I had a gastric sleeve.. wish I had it done 10 years ago!
    Danielle Brophy, UK
    I want to share my journey to Istanbul and the operation I had.

    From the beginning I contacted Mr Adam who does coordinator in Uk part, he was so kind, professional and very approachable. Every single information I received regarding the procedure was correct and no hidden agenda. Dr Murat who did operate on me was the Best, I mean the best surgeon ever. He is the most knowledgeable, kind and put the patient in ease. I can't thank him enough. Everything was straight forward.

    In the hospital, miss Dermet is kind, smiley and so understanding with her group who include Miss Mahsa who is a dietitian and she help you throughout the journey with translation and guide you in terms of foods advice and etc. All nurses and all bariatric hospital was extremely lovely and the way they behaved like know you forever not in the short amount of time. They exceeded my expectations. The hospital itself was so so clean and one of the best hospital I ever stayed.

    I strongly advise you to use this route because you won't be disappointed. Many many thanks, Dr Murat.
    Moshgan, UK
    I have been delaying having weight loss surgery for many years, so I finally booked it a few weeks ago.

    The Memorial Hospital in Istanbul is amazing and all the staff and team are amazing. The doctor Murat was brilliant, I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. The aftercare was also brilliant, I had the Lap Gastric Band Surgery, all the team took good care of me and I was kept pain free with plenty of pain relief. I stayed 2 nights at the hospital and then discharged back to the most beautiful hotel The Elysium Hotel, the transition was simple and smooth, all the team stayed in contact and helped me with any information I needed to know. Yes, the language barrier can be slightly awkward at times but not enough to cause any problems. Each person made a great effort in trying to translate. I highly recommend this team.

    My husband was with me all the way and he was also taking good care of, plenty of food was provided for him and he was made to feel comfortable. While I was sleeping he has explained everything that was going on.
    Martina Mohan, Turkey
    Great place 5-star treatment soon as I landed in Istanbul. I hade a gastric sleeve done. I would highly recommend this clinic.
    Noreen, UK
    I hade the gastric sleeve here. I was treated 5-star from the minute I got off the plane highly recommended this clinic.
    Noreen McCarthy, Turkey
    After months of deliberation, I decided to do the gastric sleeve surgery. Once I decided to do so, I looked on numerous websites and reviews to see what was the best place to undergo the surgery. The number one place I came across was the Istanbul Bariatric Centre. I was impressed by the centre and especially the experience and reputation of Dr Murat. After having a video call with him to discuss everything, I was sure he was the best choice.

    Adam, the coordinator made sure everything was in place for our arrival and was very helpful with any questions. Once we arrived in Istanbul, everything was 5* from the moment we arrived at the moment we left. The staff at Centre, including the Muhammad the translator, dietitian Mahsa and manager Demet were all extremely nice and helpful, easy to communicate and there to help with anything.

    The surgery was pain-free and recovery was super quick. After being released from the hospital, we explored Istanbul on foot and had no trouble walking around after the operation.

    The hotel and hospital are in a great location and close to all the touristic sites, unlike the other hospital I had looked at which were very far away near Sabiha Gökçen airport.

    I would 100% recommend Dr Murat and his team to anyone who is thinking about having surgery in Istanbul, they are the best and have had the experience myself, I definitely would not choose anyone else to have surgery with.

    Thank you to all the team for making the surgery and experience so smooth and pain-free.
    Hozan, UK
    To say I was nervous coming to Istanbul for Bariatric surgery is an understatement. Here I am 3 days post-op and I can truly say that Istanbul Bariatric Centre and all its staff have really made me feel at ease. The surgery was a success and Dr Taner Yigit did a wonderful job. The staff at Memorial Sisli had gone the extra mile to make me feel cared for and made sure I was not in any pain.

    Thanks to the wonderful nurses that took such great care of me, Ozlem, Eda, Diddem, and all the lovely ladies, thank you. To Adam, thank you for answering all my question. To Ella, Demet thank you for organising everything and making sure I don't stress too much. Mahsa you are a Ray of sunshine and thank you for the health tips and making sure I get all my nutritional information going forward.

    Thank you all once again and if God allows I will be sending you pictures of my new healthy life and knew me very soon. To anyone that is thinking about this life-altering surgery (gastric sleeve or any bariatric surgery), please contact them as I can truly say I have had a very excellent experience and will return home to my family a brand new person.
    Clarissa, UK
    I spent so much time researching about gastric bypass and sleeve. Along with many other companies.

    I spoke to two previous patients that also used this company. Zahid sorted out and asked the permission first. So I could have some feedback myself. I read so many reviews on here. After speaking to Dr Murrat Ustan I decided to go ahead with the gastric bypass.

    Zahid from right choice home and away couldn’t have been more helpful. I’m sure he would say I spoke to him any time a question popped into my head. That included late at night/early morning. He always answered any questions I had and if he didn’t know the answer he found out for me.
    He reassured my worrying mum that also had so many questions.
    When I arrived in Istanbul I got a little worried as the communication was a little bit poor. I thought someone was going to hold my name card up and be waiting for me but there wasn’t me being me got a little worried. So I contacted Mahsa (dietician) who reassured me that she would sort it out. Turned out that the guys meeting me was right in front of me. I went straight to the memorial hospital had COVID test and blood tests.
    I was so happy with my treatment here. The staff here didn’t speak much English but didn’t stop our communication most staff had a translator app and I downloaded one to. I honestly couldn’t fault them at all.
    For my treatment, there was translators to tell me in English.
    I stayed in hospital 1 day before surgery where thorough testing happened. And 3 days after surgery.

    I was completely shocked at how tiny my incisions and how neat they were, I only had 4 tiny little ones. I loved the fact the surgeon DR Murrat Ustan went to see my mother after to and let her know everything went well and that my operation only took 51 Minutes. During my hospital stay, I see the surgeon every day who came in to see how I was getting on and how I was feeling also to make sure I was ready to be discharged.
    He made us feel so welcomed and at ease with everything.

    If I could I would definitely go back here to have my surgery over again.
    I had my surgery on the 10th August 2020.
    Start weight 20st 7lbs
    Current weight 18st 5lbs
    Goal weight to feel happy in my own skin. (to have a healthy BMI)
    I lost 18lbs before surgery and in the two weeks since surgery has lost another 12lbs. I so excited to see my future now. People have already said they can see the change in me.

    This is all thanks to the dieticians Muhsa for being my supportive and helping me with my journey. My first impression of the hospital was I couldn’t believe how clean it was. (This was something I was worried about). I’m actually considering coming back here after I lost my weight and maintained it for a mummy makeover.

    I’d like to thank everyone that’s cared for me during my stay at the hospital and everyone involved in my treatment. The surgery I would say was worth every penny.
    Samantha Short, UK
    I couldn’t thank the centre enough for everything they’ve done for me. For the amazing experience but for also helping me with the start of my journey. I’ve lost over 12.7kg so far and I can’t wait to see how my futures going to look! Thank you!
    Ash, UK
    Had a gastric sleeve on the 14th, everything went according to plan. The hotel was superb with very good service. The hospital was just as good. Yes, there was a language barrier with the nurses but they tried to use google translate to help u understand what they needed. Overly impressed... let the WL start, am so excited. Thank you to the whole team. The dietician made sure I understood the days ahead and Dr Ustun n Ella was extra lovely. Thank you, Mr Adam... Great Team.
    Lucy K, UK
    Dr. Murat and his team are absolutely brilliant. They are truly what you call a reliable team that takes care of all the details. I have just finished my Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) operation with them yesterday, and I now feel 100% amazing. I just have a little bit of painl left from the wounds but I feel great, already walking, drinking water and feel superb.

    I have considered this operation in 6 different places: London, Dubai, Cairo, Czech, Istanbul and Lithuania; and after much research I choose to do it in Istanbul with Dr Murat because of how confident I felt towards their professionalism. The hospital was top notch and the nurses and all staff members were absolutely brilliant.
    Yomna Elbanna, Turkey
    I have just returned from having a gastric sleeve. Although I was terrified of going abroad to have surgery I need not of worried. The memorial hospital where I had the surgery was both clean & very well equipped and the staff professional and caring. The whole team from Istanbul Bariatric Center visited me many times while I was staying in Istanbul and I could contact them day or night. I found it helpful to have a translator app on my phone for the nurses that didn’t speak English so I recommend you do that and also have some Turkish money for a taxi from the hospital to hotel. I highly recommend Istanbul Bariatric centre and wish I had my surgery years go!
    Jill Hallas, UK
    What a great team! I was well looked after and everyone did everything they could to answer my questions and keep me informed of the procedure, the outcome of surgery and post-surgery care.

    Truly a VIP experience. I would highly recommend the Istanbul Bariatric Clinic for anyone considering weight loss surgery.

    Thank you to Demet, Mahsa, Dr Taner and the wonderful nurses, cleaning and catering crew who looked after me throughout.
    Tatenda, UK
    Wonderful from the start, every question answered. I went into surgery confident and happy and had great aftercare. I had revision surgery, it was more expensive but still good value. My hospital stay was comfortable and so clean. The hotel stay was lovely and relaxing, nothing was too much for them.

    I chose Sisli memorial hospital to be operated in and Dr. Murat Ustun to perform my surgery after searching for weeks. I contacted many surgeons and questioned them all. I asked about every aspect of surgery.
    Dr Ustan was the only Doctor that answered everything and had full knowledge of my previous kidney disease, dialysis, transplant and most importantly my suppressed immune system. 100% recommendation from me. Thank you.
    Annie Stevenson, UK
    I cannot praise this clinic and Dr Murat highly enough. The care I received was first class, the hospital was spotless and state of the art and the hotel we were transferred to was stunning. I arrived on Friday evening and were picked up at the airport and taken to the Memorial Şişli hospital where I met Demet (the coordinator) and all my pre-op tests were done on Saturday morning and I had my surgery on Saturday evening and stayed at the hospital until Tuesday afternoon. My husband was with me and stayed in the room with me and they brought all his meals to him. The first 12 hours after surgery I felt a bit off, not unwell just couldn’t sleep and after that, I felt amazingly well and was doing lots of walking around the room and was amazed at how good I felt. The nurses were very caring but did have a bit of trouble understanding each other but I got a translator app on my phone and that helped with anything that we needed to say. Dr Murat and Demet came in to see me twice a day every day I was at the hospital and I also saw the dietician before I left the hospital to go to the hotel. This has been a much easier experience than I was expecting and have been delighted with how it’s gone and how I feel and I would not hesitate to recommend Istanbul Bariatric Center to everyone.

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