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    Comments: I had mini gastric bypass in August this year with Istanbul Bariatric centre and it was the best decision I made in a long time. I was treated like a VIP from the first consultation with Demet and Dr Murat to being discharged after my surgery. I was treated in the world-renowned Memorial Sisli hospital which is a million miles away from the hospitals here in the UK. I was astounded with the expertise and precision of the whole team.

    During my first week in Istanbul, I stayed in a 5* hotel with my mum and brother who last minute accompanied me. Demet was not fazed by this change of plan and informed the hotel that my brother would stay with me. He was only charged a small fee as Istanbul Bariatric centre was covering mine and my mums cost. The hotel was one of the highlights of our stay in Istanbul! It had all the amenities you would ever need such a world-class spa and gym among many more.

    My family and I decided to stay in Istanbul for an extra week for sightseeing and so we decided to stay at another hotel. Demet was so kind as to still send us a taxi from the new hotel to the airport!

    I would like to thank Dr Murat for flying out from London to personally operate on me. I would like to also thank Demet and Mahsa as they are both superwomen. They both made me feel at ease and was always checking up on me even though they had multiple other patients.

    In two and a half months I have already lost a whopping 19kgs! I am so glad that I went for the mini gastric bypass instead of the traditional gastric bypass thanks to Dr Murat for explaining in-depth that this procedure has long and sustained weight loss than the sleeve or the Roux-en-Y procedure.

    If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Dr Murat and his team at Istanbul Bariatric Centre. Best decision I ever made!

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